Ahead of her album ‘Truth BeTold’, out March 23rd via The GungHoDown, Shama, aka Shama Rahman has released an accompanying video for the title track, which we’re delighted to premiere here on Backseat Mafia. Recorded live, the album showcases her approach to composition and performance, and features the groundbreaking mi.mu gloves throughout, cutting edge tech that allows the artists movements.
The mi.mu plays its part at the beginning of Truth Be Told, which pulls together strands of Jazz, Latin and electronic music, with a certain Eastern flavour. It’s slow but deliberate, layers of sound bleeding into eachother, as over the top Shama switches effortlessly between English and French, her vocal drenched in harmony. The Phil Tidy directed visuals see Shama herself, in some beautifully choreographed situations, courtesy of Jorge Crecis as she performs the song.
Check it out, here
Shama will play the following live UK dates:
March 8th – International Women’s Day – there will be a Sound &Music composer podcast out that day casting a light on gender-related experiences in music and composition:
March 16th – Birmingham, Actress & Bishop
March 17th – Bolton, Bolton Socialist Club
April 4th – Album Launch London, Sebright Arms
May 18th – Alternative Great Escape, The Great Escape, Fierce Panda / Fandango curated stage
August 10 – 10th August: BoomTown Festival, Hampshire https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/artist/shama-rahman/