Track: Charlie Houston – What Do We Do Now?

Zachary Hertzman

Charlie Houston has shared her new single, ‘What Do We Do Now?’ along with the news of her second  EP, ‘Bad Posture’ due on the 7th of October via Arts & Crafts.

Speaking about the new single Charlie says: 

“There are times where as friends two people grow apart and it’s no one’s fault it just happens. But it’s fucking sad. And it feels like there should be something you can do to fix it but in my experience I just found myself confused asking what do we do? But there’s no you can do other than hope that one day you find yourself back in each other’s lives.”

A track that drowns you in its lofi production and Houston’s delicate vocals that encase you in their emotive quality. Bursts of colour appear in the form of electrical guitars and the crash of cymbals but quiet order is restored as the track fades out with the whisper strum of acoustic and Houston’s honeyed vocals.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Houston’s Website or Facebook

Pre order the EP here

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