Track/Video : Ambient explorer Kilometre Club announces new album ‘How To Unravel’ with exquisite preview ‘Moving Mountains’.

Those sonic excavators from Toronto We Are Busy Bodies have been re-charging the electronic side of their eclectic catalogue this year with a string of impressive releases. Rich AuCoin’s ‘Synthetic Season 2’, Michael Scott Dawson’s ‘Find Yourself Lost’ plus Kristen Roos ‘Universal Syntheziser 1 &2’ have all been released through the portal and now comes news of another launch. Out on September 29th comes ‘How To Unravel’ by prolific ambient expressionist Kilometre Club and the signs are WABB’s fertile seam of soundscape curation is set to continue.

A Torontonian himself, Daniel Field (aka Kilometre Club), has been sharing his carefully layered music since 2020 through Valley View Records and across digi-platform expanses. With his albums focusing on themes that are close (‘Futures’ on dystopian novels from Canada and ‘Memory Canvas’ on lost but loved Toronto stores) his reputation for moving interpretation, vivid imagination and wry humour in his soundtracks has grown (4 million streams and counting….).

So the forthcoming ‘How To Unravel’ album release seems to be a significant marker, one which Field reckons ‘feels like a culmination of the work I’ve made with Kilometre Club, and my next step as an artist’. This time around he adds new dimensions to his multi- layered ambient expressions, strings, piano, horns and harp, bringing electro acoustic possibilities within his creative reach.

Preview track ‘Moving Mountains’ highlights this subtle expansion with its delicate serenity. An emotionally nuanced stretch of slow music, it’s a tune that touches on innocence and nostalgia, years gone and ahead. A revolving swirl of a gentle synth chords and trembling strings flow calmly, a guitar chimes the occasional melody and closing piano chords wave a happy/sad goodbye. It’s goosebump stuff – no wonder Field says ’At moments I felt like I was creating the ambient record Bon Iver never made in 2011’. Signs are with ‘How To Unravel’ we may at last be getting close to a real replacement for that dream record.

Directed by Kilometre Club/Daniel Field

Pre-order your copy of ‘How To Unravel’ by Kilometre Club from your local record store or direct from We Are Busy Bodies HERE

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