Album Review: Leyya – Sauna

Sophie Lindinger and Marco Kleebauer are Leyya, an electronic pop duo from Vienna, Austria. Today sees the release of their new album “Sauna”, which was preceded by a single, the evocative “Heat”.

“Heat” features Lindinger’s gorgeous almost languid vocals over a sparse indie electronic beat and a rousing, charged chorus. Electro melancholic pop that evokes the slow pulse rate of a summer’s day:

Leyya stands out for not only for Lindinger’s unique vocals but for the innovative experimental use of instruments and sounds in the music (including sitars at one point in third track “Zoo”). “Sauna” as a whole is a catchy, bright and multi-layered album, creating a welcome tension between melancholic vocals over a bubbly pop foundation that at times veers into a jazzy core. “Solitude (I’ve never been Fun)” is a prime example – wistful, heartbreaking singing over a wandering musical path.

“In Your Head” really showcases the vocals over a sparse, insistent mesmerising single note before launching into a driving, wild blast.

Earlier single, “Drum Solo” captures the broad spectrum of tone in the album with its melody redolent of Kate Bush:

I am reminded many times of the creativity and slightly unhinged nature of Iceland’s Sigur Ros: moments of breath-taking beauty sitting next to wildly euphoric off-kilter breaks.

“Sauna” is out through Las Vegas Records and can be ordered here.

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