There are very few people who are happy with their lot. Even the rich almost always seem to be lacking something. Whilst the grass might look greener on the other side it’s easy to covet what others have without sparing a thought for what their troubles are. If you could experience what less fortunate people go through, would you feel happier about your own life? This is the question we’re posed in Empathy, Inc.

After a multimillion-dollar deal goes bad, Joel (Zack Robidas) finds himself without a job, penniless and living with his wife’s (Kathy Searle) parents. Desperate to get his life back on track he jumps at the chance when an old friend (Eric Berryman) presents him with a business proposition. Along with his partner Lester (Jay Klaitz) he has created a virtual reality simulation that allows you to experience what others feel. All they need is investors.

Shot is glorious monochrome, Empathy, Inc. is a clever and innovative sci-fi thriller which repeatedly defies expectations. Yedidya Gorsetman’s film works due to a combination of a tight and suspenseful script and some great acting performances. It’s very much a four-hander and it’s the chemistry between the cast which makes it work. Empathy, Inc. is a superior indie genre flick with the potential to break wider.

Empathy, Inc. is out in US theatres on 13 September and released on VoD by Dark Star Pictures on 24 September.