Premiere: BAIRD releases new single, ‘Sunken Place’

London based dance-pop artist BAIRD has today released his international music debut with a single and accompanying video, Sunken Place, and we’re delighted to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Growing up between Canada, Berlin and London with an Irish background gave BAIRD the opportunity to gather together cultures, influences as well as a whole range of music which allowed him to write from the perspective of a cosmopolitan generation. As he explains, ‘’I wanna be the voice of the third culture kids trying to find their mark in the world’’.

On the track he says ‘’The song is about how at the moment society is in a sunken place and we are all trying to escape the feeling of being isolated and separated from others and that relates to the feeling of taking time and loving yourself before loving someone else’’.

Sunken Place is uplifting and summery synth pop music, with and accompaniment that switches between sweeping and glitchy, with pattering synth patterns and brushes of funk guitar alternating with sprawling beats and splattered electronics. What really raises it above the ordinary is the smart pop melodies that lap against your ear, and allow you to sit back and luxuriate within.

Check it out, along with a video that presents a simple set of visuals portraying the escapist behavior of the younger generation in response the current issues of society.

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