Say Psych: Premiere: The Electric Lazarus – Death Valley Sunday

Tapes are back – in a big way and Blak Hand Records are leading the way into this new era. They welcome their fifth release of 2017 with a psychedelic offering from Liverpool band The Electric Lazarus, who release their second single ‘Death Valley Sunday’ alongside an all-new recorded version of the previously released ‘Sometimes I Wonder’ and Backseat Mafia are pleased to bring the premiere of the video.

‘Death Valley Sunday’ is undoubtedly inspired by the duality of the Californian Dreaming aesthetic of the late 1960s, where the juxtaposition of dreaming of peace and love, sun and surf echoed through the desert meets the darker side of the era which was fronted by tragedies like the Manson family murders, war and of course the anti-war protests. The single was recorded with producer/engineer Jon Withnall and the songs take their influence from singer Andy Pringle’s favourite bands, which include The Velvet Underground, The Black Angels, Phil Spector and also the post punk sounds of Joy Division and Pil.

The video for the single has been made by one-time California native Christopher Edwards who has intertwined scenes from Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1970 counter-culture film ‘Zabriskie Point ‘.

‘Death Valley Sunday’ is released on 2nd May 2017 and will be available as a limited-edition cassette as well as digital download. 30 jade green cassettes will be hand numbered in a double-sided slipcase put together by Liverpool designer James Parr, featuring a young Dennis Hopper and a film still from ‘Zabriskie Point ‘.

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