Track: Lorenzo Senni – Discipline of Enthusiasm

Photo Credit: John Divola

There’s lots of talk about Lorenzo Senni’s style and sound, with phrases such as Rave Voyeurism and pointillistic being banded around, not least than in the press release. Listening to Discipline of Enthusiasm, a new track from his forthcoming fifth (and first for the legendary Warp Records) album ‘Scatto Matto’, is he’s a very clever and inventive producer indeed.

Mixing up elements of trance, Senni develops and morphs small melodic motifs into something that glues the beats together, but retains this staccato, stuttering electronica feel about it all, shards of electro sounds spitting all over the track – the pointillism of the description.

Whatever it is though, it’s damn good. Check it out, here

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