Track: Glassmasterer – ‘Turn On The Big Machines’: an old-skool acid banger from the eclectic Glaswegian

Lewis Bigham, aka Glassmasterer, photographed by Shane Harrison

GLASSMASTERER, the obscure musical reproduction process adopted as the operational codename for eclectic Glaswegian musician Lewis Bigham, has today dropped just a teensy bit of a banger, “Turn On The Big Machines”; you can dive into the accompanying visuals below.

Lewis has previously wended his way through folk, hiphop, jazz and funk; all’s fish to his net, all genres are, refreshingly, something he might dive into. We covered his Trouvaille EP in late March, and that was a lovely exercise in Berlin-style deep house, with the digital flip, “Twenty Red Kites”, straying into Boards of Canada memory bliss.

But get ready for him to flip your wig today, as he wrestles you onto the dancefloor with “Turn On The Big Machines”. It’s a glorious, pulsing whirr of old-skool rave – check that 1990 drum machine sound, the wavering acid scorch – just built for a 10K rig or the loudest volume you think you can get away with in your living room. Nice one, top one, sorted. Music to shuffle to, to sweat to, to embrace to.

The flip, “Olivine”, provides the chillout room of this miniature night rockin’ the town shades of acid house scarlet.

“It’s a track that I didn’t want to expend much thought on at all,” says Lewis. “I just wanted to make something hyper, mad and downright silly for a change; it only took me a few hours, which was seriously refreshing considering I usually spend months on tracks.

“Before switching on all my synthesizers I’d been listening to Squarepusher and The Prodigy, and I was picturing performing it live and how fun it would be to blast it in a club.

“For the video, I stole a 70s’ oscilloscope from a laboratory and fired the track through it, causing it to freak out and make interesting patterns like something from The Outer Limits.”

Oh, that name, if you’re wondering? Well, glassmastering is actually a stage in the CD duplication process.
Turn On The Big Machines

Glassmasterer’s “Turn On The Big Machines”/”Olivine” is out today on all digital streaming platforms.

Connect with Glassmasterer at his website, and on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

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