EP: Hauswerks – Why You Tellin’ Me

Out next week (December 15th) on Jaymo and Andy George’s Moda Black label comes the new EP from one of the labels shining lights, Hauswerks, aka Leeds producer Colin Barratt. He had been one of the unsung of house music, engineering for some of the major acts in the genre, such as Steve Lawler, Doorly and Mark Knight, before stepping up to the plate himself and into the limelight, releasing records on labels such as Suara, Data and Azuli.

Lead track Why You Tellin’ Me opens the EP and right from the off its has this sheen of classic house about it, laying down this bubbling bassline over which there’s this swinging beat and cut up vocal samples that wrap their way around your dancing shoes. For a little over seven minutes it keeps hold of them as well, as it slowly morphs and changes but loses none of its immediacy and soul.

Follow on Make Me Feel follows on a similar pattern, only these beats and basslines that throb and shuffle as it heads towards the deep end, this submerged kick drum sound and disco pads underpinning things, as more soulful vocals are utlised before things take a turn for the harder, as in comes this metallic sounding synth to hold things together.

The EP closes with Its You, which seems more stripped back than the other two tracks, as it shimmers, the synths gently lapping up against the insistent drum sound, as Barrett employs the briefest of vocals to base his track on. As the track unfurls, so layers of synth are draped over things, before Hauswerks yanks it through a variety of different guises.



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