Track: Why We Run release the melancholic indie of Ignites

We were already mightily impressed by Why We Run’s debut single, ‘Comfortable Lie’, earlier this year and their follow-up release, ‘Ignites’, indicates this Sydney four piece are no flash in the pan.

Out today, ‘Ignites’ is another lilting, sparkling and extremely assured song from a band that has created its own fresh, unique sound, and yet has the poise and confidence as if they have been around for years:

Imbued with the same melancholic air as their debut single, ‘Ignites’ has a driving summery pace with a clear and crisp production, again with the legendary Wayne Connolly at the production helm. It’s a song to warm the hearts of us antipodeans shivering during the winter solstice – perfect timing, Why We Run.

Why We Run consists of an ex-pat Belgian, Nic Cogels and a couple of Sydney locals, brothers Ed and Lloyd Prescott and Nick Langley.

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