See: Dehd release new single/video – ‘Loner’

Chicago trio Dehd – aka Emily Kemp on vocals and bass, Jason Ball on vocals and guitar and drummer Eric McGrady have announced their new album ‘Flower of Devotion’ is out on July 17th via Fire Talk, and ahead of it they’ve released a new track/video for lead single ‘Loner’.

“It’s okay to be lighthearted in the face of despair,” Kempf says of ’Loner’, a study of self-focus and isolation following touring. It’s a theme that runs through the album; at every turn, sadness is countered by joy, joy is tempered by sadness. “Being alone and grieving is very isolating,” she continues, “but then you come out of your little cave of grief, and your friends and family and partner are all there to pat you on the back and hold you until you have to go back into the cave of grief alone.” 

Loner, full of echoey guitar and pulsating bassline, is decorated with Kemp’s incredible vocals, as it jaunts along, the melodies and hazy vibe washing over you and pulling at your heartstrings. Instantly lovable

Check out The strange but wonderful video, featuring angels, devils and, well, a weird caper ensues…….

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