Track: Bloodhounds – Throw Us In The Fire

Rock band Bloodhounds have shared their new single ‘Throw Us In The Fire’. The south of England band expresses anger towards their hopes and aspirations being ‘thrown in the fire’.

Bloodhounds frontman Joe Newell explains

“Throw Us in The Fire is an angry and visceral reflection on society’s abuse and manipulation of power and control. The track embodies the anger and frustration of a young generation trying to survive in a struggling music industry. It’s our response to the disdain shown to the arts during recent years”,

A raucous slice of hard rock that scratches a long time itch for catchy hook driven rock with a heavy edge. The rip-roaring riffs and explosive drumming sit underneath the gravely rock vocals of Joe Newell who goes full-on throat to end the track. More please lads.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

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