See: The Go! Team return with new video for Cookie Scene

if you like your gluey indie funk I with a dose of day-glo, then you’ll no doubt already be a fan of Brighton’s Go! Team, so like us you’ll be delighted the band are back with a new single ‘Cookie Scene’, out on September 11th via Memphis Industries, available on yellow vinyl (pre-orderfrom their store HERE), backed with another new track, ‘Free Breakfast Program’.

Of the track the bands Ian Parton says, “The stripped back swinging percussion of ‘Iko Iko’ by the Dixie Cups and the loud crunchy shaker in Salt-n-Pepa’s ‘Push It’ were both inspirations and I’ve always loved the way Bollywood  or William Onyeabor songs would have random laser beams and electro toms  popping up.  I wanted to mix the street corner with the intergalactic, to take Detroit to outer space.”

Built on a flute hook, and sounding every bit the sort of late 80s hip-hop hook, it’s decorated with junk percussion (including a 50p knocked against a bottle) handclaps and the like, with the lyrics – featuring rapper IndigoYaj and bubbling electronics just making it even more glorious.

Check it out, here Complete with retro looking video

The Go! Team’s new album is in the works and set for release in 2021.

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