Premiere: Mecha Mecha pay a grandiose tribute to ‘My Hero The Homewrecker’ – gentle melodies and delicacy wrapped in a vast operatic, theatrical overcoat of sound.

We are very pleased to premiere the new single ‘My Hero The Homewrecker’ from Meanjin/Brisbane-based Mecha Mecha. An astounding mélange of classical instruments, electronica and thundering guitars with operatic vocals, this is a thrilling ride that sounds like nothing else (although a nod to the sonic acrobatics of Muse cannot be denied).

To describe ‘My Hero The Homewrecker’ as cinematic is too reductive – this track has no physical limitations and no known boundaries: it ebbs and flows like a Tsunami with innovative and creative arrangements and leaves the pulse racing with its dramatic thrum.

Strings pave the way for the explosion – the bass as a driving lead with a fuzzy drive that thunders throughout and strings that reach a crescendo. It’s sort of classical music intertwined with metal in a deathly wrestle, prog rock doing a foxtrot with Opera. The track reaches a climactic apotheosis before gently laying the listener to rest.

Written about reflecting on a relationship that broke down and flourished into friendship, the vocals of Walter Webb are extraordinary with a range greater than the Himalayas and with the tenderness that belies the music, redolent of Thom Yorke from Radiohead or Queen’s Freddie Mercury.

Quite stunning:

‘My Hero The Homewrecker’ is out tomorrow (Friday, 5 May 2023) and can be pre-saved here.

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