Track: The Black Angels unveil pumping new single, Empires Falling ahead of album, Wilderness of Mirrors release on 16.09.2023.

The Black Angels are heralding the release of their seventh long-player, Wilderness of Mirrors with the release of latest track, Empires Falling. It is the fourth official release from the album which hits the shelves this Friday, and is accompanied by a wonderfully psychedelic clip.

Empires Falling is a fast-paced psychedelic rocker and an anti-war/violence message rolled into one which tells the tale of how mankind continues to repeat the same atrocities over and over.

As the band have said……“‘Empires Falling’ is a critical and reflective plea that examines humanity’s repetitive art of violent mass destruction. As we say in the chorus, “it’s history on repeat.” We are living in a Wilderness of Mirrors, where it’s hard to tell what’s right from wrong, up from down, or the truth from lies as we navigate through these times where the fate of humanity is being refracted and reflected from one state of panic to another. The world is a “bleeding animal” and we are left exhausted, polarized, and “pleading from street to bloody street.”  History has proven, time and time again, that without a drastic metamorphosis from our leaders, politics, and ultimately ourselves… “you can be the one who saves yourself, or you can watch it all go to hell.”

Pre-orders of Wilderness of Mirrors are available here.

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