Track: Tape Waves – ‘Tired’: beguiling dream pop outta North Carolina making all the right noises

Tape Waves

TAPE WAVES are a rather lovely dream pop duo hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, who are leading a slow and sleepy dance for us towards their June album with a lovely, airy single, “Tired”, which you can play right here.

It does all the correct things for a shoegazey tune; Kim Weldin’s voice is breathy, gossamer light, honeyed and cooing, while the guitars of Jarod Welding bring the shimmer and a crisp riff that’s never so insistent as to tread towards normal rock. It glides with the sonic qualities of Lush’s first mini-album, Scar.

The band have released three full length albums on San Diego’s Bleeding Gold Records, Let You Go, Here To Fade, and Distant Light, which have garnered comparisons to Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins and Best Coast; not a bad trio of comparisons, you’ll agree. The latter two were also released in Japan, where they toured.

They’ve swapped labels and their fourth album, Bright, will be out on Emotional Response on June 4th. We’re told it combines blissed and sunned pop with a fuzzier guitar approach, as evident on “Tired”. . 

The album was mixed and mastered by Kevin McMahon of Titus Andronicus, who’s also helmed records by The Mooney Suzuki, Widowspeak, and Real Estate.

Connect with Tape Waves on Facebook and Twitter.

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