Live Review: The Pretty Reckless / The Cruel Knives, Death By Rock And Roll Tour – 3Olympia, Dublin 24,10,2022

Words: Rosey Hayes // Pictures: Ian Mc Donnell

Admittedly, growing up I was never a fan of The Pretty Reckless. That’s not to say I disliked them in any way, just that they had somehow slipped under my radar (when Taylor Momsen’s band burst on to the scene in 2009, I was 17 and going through my Marilyn Manson phase). This meant that the excitement of their first ever Irish dates was somewhat lost on me, but a sold out show from a band who’d been around that long sounded interesting, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. 

The show opened with up and coming four piece The Cruel Knives. The UK alternative outfit played an energetic 30 minute set… This band belongs in a venue this size.  By the third song, the audience had joined in with the show and were clapping along. I was particularly mesmerized by guitarist Sid Glover whose passion seemed to almost radiate from him as he played. The entire band’s energy was infectious. Even some technical difficulty during the fourth song didn’t seem to dampen their spirits as they carried on with gusto and smiles on their faces. Professional AF if I do say so. 
Upon leaving the venue later in the night, the sight of the band on the street selling their own merchandise to their newly acquired fanbase brought a smile to my face – I have a gut feeling they won’t be doing this for too much longer. Support them if you can!

After a 40 minute turn around, Taylor Momsen’s crew hit the stage. Momsen looked like a grunge goddess in a black slip and trademark glitter eyeshadow, and it was easy to see why the audience loved her so much as she made small talk between songs. This banter with the audience was a regular occurrence, with the house lights going up at the end of almost every song. It gave that wonderful feeling of being a part of a show instead of just watching it. A particularly enjoyable part of their set was hearing Make Me Wanna Die (the nostalgia was real), and a solo section from drummer Jamie Perkins. Jamie, if you ever decide to play a solo show in Ireland, I will be first in line. 
I think if The Pretty Reckless make good on their promise to return, I’ll be joining the massive queue of fans outside on the street.

The Cruel Knives Set List
Black Eye Friday
The Life That We Made
Hollow People

The Pretty Reckless Set List
Death By Rock And Roll
Since You’re Gone
Only Love Can Save Me Know
Follow Me Down
Make Me Wanna Die
Miss Nothing
Sweet Things
Witches Burn
My Medicine
My Bones
Going To Hell
Heaven Knows
Take Me Down
Fucked Up World (ending with drum solo)

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