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....A well-tuned slab of Techno goodness....

People, machines and music are always evolving. This is a law of universe that never changes. Läserstein and Antimodus Records are taking the next step. This means that the label will therefore, in addition to digital, will release their music on vinyl.

The honor of the first vinyl release of the label, is given to the Berlin Live Duo Läserstein. Three excellent pieces of music can be found pressed into black gold. An artistically high-quality overall work is additionally underlined by a breathtaking artwork and stunning music video.

This claim is not only the standard for Antimodus Records, this also applies to Läserstein.

Check the opening track CLSC here:

Verdict: The duo from Berlin open the EP with CLSC, a thundering Techno roller, unrelenting in its drive, a belter straight out the gates with its slick rave edge. Second up is AMNS, a pounding chugger with an industrial underbelly that shakes the speakers like a 500-ton locomotive. On the flip we get classic techno vibes with FMTLZ, as the drums kick hard the layers build in this heavy, dark-room highlight. A well-tuned slab of Techno goodness, and a perfect way to start the vinyl run on Antimodus Records.

Vinyl/Digital Track List:




Purchase Here: Behind The Black Curtain EP | Läserstein | ANTIMODUS (

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