Track: Melbourne’s Delivery have dropped off that ‘Baader Meinhoff’ feeling at the door – an anarchic, cathartic rush of punky goodness ahead of album release and launch date.

Feature Photograph: James Morris

Melbourne’s Delivery have dropped off a brilliant catchy riff-riven track for our consumption that combines a Trio-like Casio-infused effervescent beat with a punky attitude-filled bluster. ‘Baader Meinhoff’ swings like a barnyard door in a hurricane and is imbued with a cathartic sense of fun – compounded by the vibrant video by James Devlin and Sam Lyons which sees the band deliver the track via a Karaoke performance

According to the band, the song takes lyrical cues from the Baader Meinhof phenomenon, a “frequency illusion” when you notice something for the first time and then have the tendency to the notice it more and more often. Main vocalist for the track Rebecca Allan details that the song leans into the
annoyance of letting your brain play tricks on you and not buying into overthinking about
that stuff.

It is a brilliant and catchy release imbued with a sneery attitude and a high-stepping sense of fun, replete with a dizzying combination of day-glo synths and grungy punk.

The track comes off Delivery’s album ‘Forever Giving Handshakes’ due out on 11 November through Spoil Sports Records, Anti-Fade Records (AU/NZ) and Feel It Records in the EU/US – you can pre-order below and get the single as well:

Delivery have scheduled a launch/preview date for the album on Saturday, 22 October at ground Floor in Melbourne. Details here.

Feature Photograph: James Morris

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