Track: New Zealand’s Isla Noon releases a piece of yearningly smooth pop with single ‘Talk About Us’.

New Zealander Isla Noon‘s single ‘Talk About Us’ is as perfect as a pop song can be – luscious layers of smooth music and a melody that enamps inside the brain, puts up its feet and sets up residence. All burnished by Noon’s gorgeous yearning vocals that have a greater range than the Southern Alps and with the same lustre and sparkle.

Noon says of the track:

On the surface, ‘Talk About Us’ is about trying to reach someone in your life who has become closed off. It’s confronting, almost melodramatic. The song leans into the self-consciousness of that situation, the bargaining, the unravelling, the white-knuckled holding-on-so-tight that sees the other person slipping through your fingers. It can be a fuzzy place emotionally, and if you’re not careful, you can lose yourself in that place too. I wrote about it as something I and some close friends around me have experienced at different times in life, not only because it’s such a confronting state to be in but also because it’s kind of beautiful in its vulnerability.

The accompanying video is fun and joyous. Directed by New Zealand music industry legend Mareea Vegas (bass player for Veruca Salt and Tim Finn, behind the lens for Shapeshifter, Julia Deans (Fur Patrol), Anna Coddington), the video is shot in mostly close frames, playing with light, energy:

Out through Bigpop Records, you can download/stream the single here or through the link below:

Feature Photograph: Mareea Vegas

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