Premiere: Stiletto Feels – I wanna break it

Stiletto Feels was initially an experimental project formed by Austin based Geoff Earle, who brought in studio musician to improvise over demo tracks after a single listen, Stiletto Feels have evolved and grown.

The outcome of those initial sessions was a debut album ‘The Big Fist’ caused a stir in the Texas scene and led to Stiletto Feels becoming a five piece live act.

Now comes a follow up album ‘Push Back’, out on October 2nd, this time recording with contributors like Aaron Perez of Ume, Ryan Figg of The Octopus Project, Bryan Richie of The Sword, Jimmy Vela of Think No Think, and Paul Oliphint and Cody Skinner of Stiletto Feels’ live incarnation. From it we’re delighted to premiere the new single ‘I want to break it’.

Full of shimmering guitars, pulsing electronicS and driving rhythms, I wanna break it flies between a myriad of modern influences, whilst keeping a distinctly individual voice. More than that though, it’s the euphoric mixed with a tinge of melancholy, and the melodic mixed with the ambitious. In short, it’s magical.

Check it out, here

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