Film Review: Seance

Students confronted by the headmistress

Loss is often hard to take. No longer having the presence of someone important in your life can leave a huge gap. A hole which cannot easily be filled. Since the dawn of time, humans have looked for ways to communicate with the dead. Many have turned to mediums, especially when spiritualism became popular in the nineteenth Century.  However, why not simply cut-out the middle-man/woman and instead turn to a Ouija board or something a little more DIY? As is the case in Seance.

Camille Meadows’s (Suki Waterhouse) time at the exclusive Edelvine Academy for Girls doesn’t get off to the best start when she finds herself in conflict with some of her peers. However, whilst serving a detention the new girl is invited by six of her classmates to perform a ritual to try and contact their former classmate who died in mysterious circumstances. When students start dying, it looks like they’ve unleashed a nefarious dark force.

Seance pulls together a number of disparate elements to conjure up a slick and spooky supernatural slasher. Whilst Simon Barrett’s film will undoubtedly feel familiar, he employs a number of clever touches and plot devices which draws the viewer in. Great use of darkness along with a good cast and a taut script help raise Seance above your average horror film. Even though you’ll probably see the end coming long before the final reveal.

Seance is released in US theatres, On Demand and on Digital from 21 May.

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