Track: Chats release track ‘6L GTR’ & announce new album ‘Get Fucked’

The Chats

The Chats have released a single from their forthcoming album, ‘Get Fucked’ which will be out on August 19th via Bargain Bin Records.

The single, ‘6L GTR’ was inspired by a licence plate that Eamon Sandwith spotted on a car in an airport parking lot. Initially the song featured a snippet of the song ‘Panama’ by Van Halen. The band approached David Lee Roth for permission to use his lyrics in ‘6L GTR’ but the request was denied.

“I don’t even know if the car itself was actually a six-litre GTR or anything. To be honest with you, I don’t even know what a car like that would look like! I can’t drive! That was the thing, we were just trying to get into this dude’s head. We were like, ‘When he’s fangin’ it in his car, what’s in his head? What does he do?’ It was a fun exercise.”

Eamon Sandwith 

The song is classic Chats, it’s brash punk rock (or shed rock) combined with their irresistible knack for writing hilarious lyrics that so accurately capture the minutiae of the Australian experience. It’s all packed into a glorious two minutes and twelve seconds – the Ramones would approve! The video for 6L GTR was made by animator and illustrator Marco Imov who spent days creating the band in cartoon character form. It’s a perfect companion to the song.

The new album comprises 13 tracks that lyrically cover panic attacks, junkies, prison breaks, the price of smokes, surf mafia, being drunk in every pub in Brisbane and other subjects experienced by the band.

The Chats had planned to record ‘Get Fucked’ in Geelong, near Melbourne, with Billy Gardner, who produced ‘High Risk Behaviour’, but due to pandemic border closures, they ended up recording it in six days at Brisbane’s Hunting Ground facility with Cody McWaters.

According to the band, Sandwith suggested ‘Get Fucked’ as the title for the new album as a joke but the rest of the band ended up loving the title and after a lot of discussion they decided to use it.

“We just thought how funny would it be, if you were a kid seeing it on the album cover. I remember going to K-Mart and seeing the Green Day ‘Dookie’ CD, and being like, ‘Aw man, this is the craziest album cover I’ve ever seen!’ Imagine being a kid and just seeing a CD that says, Get Fucked!”

Eamon Sandwith

‘6L GTR’ can be streamed HERE.

(Photo Credit: Luke Henery)

‘Get Fucked’ Tracklist:

  1. 6L GTR
  2. Struck By Lightning
  3. Boggo Breakout
  4. Southport Superman
  5. Panic Attack
  6. Ticket Inspector
  7. The Price Of Smokes
  8. Dead On Site
  9. Paid Late
  10. I’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane
  11. Out On The Street
  12. Emperor Of The Beach
  13. Getting Better

Pre-order ‘Get Fucked’ HERE.

The Chats have also announced an Australian tour.

Get tickets HERE.

The Chats are:
Eamon Sandwith – bass/vocals
Josh Hardy – guitar
Matthew Boggis – drums

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