Track: Jeremy Gara shares new single L_06

Jeremy Gara, drummer of Arcade Fire, shares brand new single ‘L_06’. The track features on his second solo album Passerine Finale which will be released Friday 11th September on Invada Records.

On the track Jeremy explains, 

“L_06 – the visual thing, like the song it accompanies, comes from trying to push really simple objects and figures to a place where they hopefully, somehow, become imprinted with a kind of emotional energy – attempting to entwine single note drones and simple straight lines together tightly enough that they dance a little.”

An unhinged nightmare of tortured strings wrapped in a flare of feedback and dropped bass. It’s unsettling yet addictive in the need to hear where he goes with it.

Check it out, here


1. in, final note
2. L_06
3. Kelpie
4. ice towers
5. watching you
7. Passerine Finale
8. wraith

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