Video: Backseat Mafia meets Cult of Luna

Last night, despite the heatwave engulfing London, I positioned myself in the hottest room in my house, closed all the windows and doors to shut out extraneous noise, and talked to Cult of Luna singer and guitarist Johannes Persson. The Swedish metal band released their sixth album in January and have been on and off the road with it ever since.

In order to spare you from the glare glistening off my 30+-degree induced sweaty forehead, and because you don’t need to see my kitchen, all you get is Johannes’ face, talking to you from Stockholm about life on tour, playing the new record, “Vertikal”, how he prepares his voice for performance, and what it’s like being in a band in your 30s with family, work and living in different cities to contend with. And that’s without mentioning the behaviour of his cats (sorry folks, that’s between me and Johannes).

Anyway, with thanks to my big bro Dan Pett (@portableant) for technical assistance, here’s Johannes.


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