Film Review: See You Then

Kris and Naomi talking

The culture wars have never been so pernicious and the constant transphobia which infests every online platform is horrendous. Despite what some bigots like to spout, the decision to transition from your biological sex to a different gender is a huge decision. One which involves a long and painful process, not something anyone would do on a whim. A journey which usually takes years. It’s a decision people react to in different ways and forms the starting point for a reunion in See You Then.

Kris (Pooya Mohseni) returns to her old stomping ground to meet up with someone she hasn’t seen for well over a decade. She was very close with Naomi (Lynn Chen), indeed they were a couple for several years, but Kris left suddenly and they’ve not spoken since. Both women have moved on. She has transitioned and moved to a smaller town while Naomi has set her artistic aspirations aside in order to settle down and start a family. Their initially stilted conversation gradually settles down into something deeper, but old acrimonies are never too far away.

See You Then is essentially a film about change. How we grow and evolve through different stages of our lives. It’s about two women who are still searching for their place in the world. For happiness. Mari Walker’s feature debut is wonderfully written and beautifully acted. It works so well because it allows both characters their own space. Taking time to work through their complex relationship. And this is what makes See You Then a little special.

See You Then is out on Digital platforms in the UK from 11 April.

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