GFF Review: No Looking Back

As the arguments over nurture versus nature rumble on, the likely ‘correct’ answer seems to be somewhere in the middle. We inherit the genes of our parents which influence many elements of our development and lives. However, we also make individual decisions and whilst they are heavily influenced by the people around us, our choices are our own. Three generations of women in one family must choose their own adventure in No Looking Back.

Olga (Viktoriya Korotkova) is determined to put the past right and move on with her life. After being released from prison, her plan is to collect her 10-year-old daughter Masha (Sofya Krugova) and go to live with her new husband, who she met via correspondence in jail. Her mother (Anna Mikhalkova), who has looked after her granddaughter throughout the incarceration, has no intention of letting her go.

No Looking Back is a brutal dark comedy with a soft centre. Director Kirill Sokolov carries on where he left off in Why Don’t You Just Die?, but this time there’s much more substance behind his irreverential vision. The writing is much better, while the action is still as fast and frantic. There are fantastic performances from the three female stars, which ensure that No Looking Back is both fiercely entertaining and has a big heart.

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