Live Review: Gary Numan / I Speak Machine – 3Olympia, Dublin 24.05.2022

Gary Numan hit Dublin’s 3Olympia for his Intruder tour with support from I Speak Machine after doing a string of UK dates and now heading into Europe.

Opening the night was I Speak Machine, an experimental music act and audio-visual project of musician Tara Busch, playing alone on stage you can hear (well I could) hints of Toyah with a glam electronica vibe.
The venue is pretty full for the opening act which is always a good sign and Tara was well appreciated by the crowd and played thirty five minute set comprising of some new songs from her album War which had an April release.

Nine Forty Five hits and the stage falls into darkness! the band arrive on stage, moments later Gary walks out and there’s a blaze of red for opening tracks Intruder / I Die You Die / Halo already you can tell this is going to be more of an industrial show than a new wave electronica show.
The bass player, the guitarist what are they kilted ghouls, post apocalyptic monks, what ever they are they are brilliant. The guitarist is conducting his own sermons at times with hands signals to the crowd and other band members. The bass playing is contorting himself into all sorts of creepy positions which still managing to play the bass.
All the time Gary is dancing away with different moves to every song, playing keyboards and guitar at times also, after Halo we got The Gift / Metal / Ghost Nation.
After each song the stage plunges into darkness and reignites each time with different visuals on a backdrop and lighting.
Its Is The World Not Enough / Films / Pure / Resurrection/Down in the Park, during this time the band left the stage for a little bit.
Back on stage and the monks are still dominating the stage with there moves these guys are just mesmerising to watch. The guitarist even at times hugging Gary and doing what seems like feeding on his neck so are they also Vampires!
Next up was Everyday I Die / Pray for the Pain You Serve and they crowd erupt when the opening chords of Cars are played.
The next two song must be two of the best industrial songs I have heard played live, those being My Name is Ruin and Love Hurt Bleed. They lead us into the final two songs of the main set The Chosen / We Are Glass.
For the encore with got The Fall and finishing out with the classic Are Friends Electric.
The only time Gary spoke to the crowd was when they came back out for the encore with saying a number of thank yous and again the same once Are Friends Electric finished.

The night is over, No! I want to stay in Gary’s post apocalyptic industrial world for ever.

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