IT’S MONDAY: we’re in the groove now, and we know to expect a little nugget from Bill Callahan, as he previews September’s Gold Record track by track on a weekly basis.

The third to be released in this way has everything you need from him. “I can’t see myself in the books I read / These days” is the opening line and the refrain: the wiser, but oh, sadly, older narrator of the song was 35 once, abreast of the best of culture, looking for deep signifiers, the everyman in himself. But: oh, he doesn’t see himself there these days. Is he “as much as he was?”.

Sparse, close-miked acoustic guitars and hum give a classically Callahan backing. It’s as beautiful as we’ve come to expect, and bodes so well for Gold Record, come September 4th.

“35” is now available on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.