See: Joshua Crumbly releases new video for ‘Reflection’

Credit: Alan Be

Joshua Crumbly has returned with new visuals for LP his latest single ‘Reflection’, It the follow up to his recent debut album ‘Rise’, which showed he was an artist to be reckoning with. “My goal is to write songs that can be performed at rock festivals or jazz clubs or concert halls,” Crumbly insists. “I come from a very diverse musical background and believe that this album has something for everyone.”

“I was in a very pensive mood with everything going on in the world and wrote this song while the news was playing in the background,” Crumbly says. “The progression allowed me the space to brood in my thoughts and feelings as well as brought me to a more hopeful place the more I played it. The video is meant to symbolize holding on to that small glimmer of light and finding one’s own belief that we are going to get through this. I think there’s been a tremendous focus on the ‘rage’ and similar emotions of this time, but not enough on the moments of unity worldwide. The protest photos/footage is from all over the world: Netherlands, Manchester (UK), NYC, and Los Angeles. The global awareness & togetherness as well as family has given me something to hold onto. Maybe we’ll all truly see ourselves in one another one day. I hope to have captured the ‘bittersweetness’ of the time but also hopefully convey an uplifting message, both sonically and visually that leaves room for your own ‘Reflection.’”

Reflection is built on this bass chord work, but has a warmth and colour that draws you in, and allows the organ, scattered beats and woven melodic lines to conjure with cinematic and emotive images. It’s quite beautiful stuff.

Check it out, along with its accompanying thought-provoking imagery, here

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