Track: Dying Wish are signed to Sharptone Records and share video for single ‘Innate Thirst’

Portland based hardcore band Dying Wish, have announced their signing to SharpTone Records. In celebration the band have released single ‘Innate Thirst’. Additionally, the band has announced the release of a 7-inch due out November 13, 2020. It will feature both ‘Innate Thirst’, as well as a new version of ‘Enemies in Red’ featuring Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose. Pre-orders are available now here.

On signing to SharpTone, lead vocalist Emma Boster shares, 

“We are very excited to have signed to SharpTone. From the beginning this label has shown us that they truly believe in us and what we can do. As a newer band, it’s cool to see a label that’s home to some of our inspiration in Bleeding Through, choose to invest a lot in us. Even with the stress of COVID-19 impacting the music industry this year, they have not slowed their momentum on our deal or on our plans to record our debut LP.”
She continues on about the new single, 

“’Innate Thirst’ is written about people co-opting subcultures or movements to gain social status or wealth. With the recent uprisings following the death of George Floyd, our hometown of Portland has seen many people that seek to appoint themselves as “leaders” of the Portland movement. Time and time again, these people get exposed for taking advantage of others’ pain and suffering to make a profit and form social status. This can also be applied to our subculture within the hardcore scene. Many newcomers see the scene as an opportunity to achieve popularity instead of becoming truly involved and contributing to the community.”

A rampaging unnerving collection of insane drums, shattering guitars and the incredible growls of Boster. Innate Thirst is a satisfying thumping powerhouse of metal that is so needed right now.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band Facebook and Website

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