TRACK: Garcia Peoples – ‘Crown of Thought’: an Airplane-style psych jam

Garcia Peoples, photographed by Lily Shea

NEW JERSEY’S Garcia Peoples, who’s latest long-playing foray Nightcap At Wit’s End is out on October 9th, have just released the second single to be lifted from that LP in the shape of “Crown Of Thought”. 

It follows the cool East Coast rock of “One At A Time”, which we had a squizz at here; that’s a coolly laidback blues, powered by organ shimmer, and heads out toward Document-era R.E.M. 

“Crown Of Thought” takes a plane over to the opposite coast, embodying as it does a Surrealistic Pillow-type acid groove. Garcia Peoples know how to let the reins loose on a tune, let it breathe, let the edges show; check that harmonising double guitar riff, building, breaking, reforming in an entirely new jam shape.

It’s a Woodstock rush of musicality that bodes well for Nightcap At Wit’s End – their second release of the year, following on the heels of the complex jam grooves of March’s Live At Nublu NYC 10/10/19 cassette.

Rolling Stone’s David Fricke had this to say about the forthcoming album, as reproduced in the liner notes: “Nightcap at Wits’ End has a lot of what I need right now – then brings something new every time I play it.

 “It turns out there is a real-life Wit’s End, a tavern of the band’s acquaintance in rural New York, along the state line not far from Black Dirt Studios where Garcia Peoples made their 2018 album, Cosmic Cash, and the epic-title-track adventure, 2019’s One Step Behind. 

“The duality here runs deep: almost 50 minutes of intricately arranged composition and kinetic guitar chorales christened in tribute to both a familiar place of refuge and that ragged state of mind beyond all common sense, when you keep on going even after you’ve run out of rope and road.” 

“Raise a glass at your wit’s end, and let the music blow away the night.”

Garcia Peoples’ Nightcap At Wits’ End will be released by Beyond is Beyond is Beyond Records on October 9th on digital, CD, trad black and two iterations of blue, yellow and orange vinyl. Choose your preference here

You can also find Garcia Peoples on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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