If we’re being honest, the world is in an absolute mess. Only a complete masochist would be able to listen to or watch the news all day without wondering if there’s any real point carrying on. Sometimes, we all need a bit of light relief. Spurred on by the success of the likes of Sharknado and Sharktopus, there’s been a surge of tongue-in-cheek creature features. Hank Braxtan’s Snake Outta Compton arrives to deliver the Snakes on a Plane/Straight Outta Compton/Training Day crossover you never knew you wanted.

Cam (Ricky Flowers Jr.) and his crew are preparing for their big audition and are hoping to sign for a major label. Upstairs in the same south LA apartment, a science nerd (Donte Essien) is testing out an enlarging ray on his pet snake. Across town, a rookie cop is being shown the ropes on his first day. When the experiment is successful beyond his wildest dreams, they must try and join forces to save the city, and themselves.

Snake Outta Compton starts out strongly but begins to stutter about halfway through before badly fading away. Unusually for this kind of film there’s clearly been a lot of effort put into the script; producing some cracking lines and inventive laugh-out-loud moments. As you’d expect, the special effects leave a lot to be desired but are adequate enough. On more than one occasion Braxtan’s film defies expectations. Whilst it’s unlikely to win any awards, Snake Outta Compton has enough moments to make it a worthwhile viewing experience.

Snake Outta Compton is released on DVD, VOD and EST by Altitude Film Entertainment on 28 January.