Say Psych: Album Review: Birth – Live In Tuscon

Birth is the project of Grant Beyachau and Nik Rayne from The Myrrors who performed as Birth for an improvisational performance in Tucson, USA. The performance was captured onto a handheld recorder which means this recording transports you right to the heart of the action with instrument leads buzz and cut out for a second here and there as things start up.

Birth, seated on the floor, journey towards a state of transcendence in front of a small but appreciative audience. Taking cues from Terry Riley, LaMonte Young as well as Spacemen 3 (Dreamweapon) – minimalist artists who offer no concessions to the listener except to surrender yourself to the drone. Beyachau creates swirling cyclic passages via analogue synthesizer and tape machine loops as Rayne conjures subliminal notes via guitar and space echo.

This one-track record comes in at over 25 minutes and in it Birth create an experience of devotional music influenced by Middle Eastern and Sufism cultures with bleeding notes that swirl together in a lysergic haze. Its fluidity is its greatest strength as the piece offers no navigation points and all they ask is that through a mixture of drone, repetition and simple melodies you surrender yourself to the trance-like and hallucinatory delirium created.

This captivating recording is a real treat for anyone into their improvisation and will earn respect from musicians worldwide.

Set for release on Cardinal Fuzz on 24 May. Pre-order here

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