See: August Spies reveal new video for You Killed My Love

August Spies is the new solo project of Hell is For Heroes front man Justin Schlosberg who has just revealed a new video for his cover of ‘You Killed My Love’, by mysterious and enigmatic New Orleans songwriter Glyn Styler. It’s the final single to be taken from his forthcoming EP, out on May 10th via Captains of Industry.

Of the record, Schlosberg says “‘You Killed My Love’ was written by a musician in New Orleans who I once tried to stalk. I found out that he worked as a mattress salesman by day and resident crooner by night, and I’ve written him an open letter in a bid to try and meet up in New Orleans when I’m there at the end of May.”

It’s (as its title would suggest) not one to play at a kids birthday party. Piano led, Schlosberg does his best Nick Cave over the tune which meanders along. Dripping with sadness, there’s something of a funeral procession about the song, but it’s a beautiful melody to wring your tear-soaked handkerchiefs out to.

Check out the similarly bleak video, here


Schlosberg has launched an appeal on social media for fans to help him circulate the an open letter to Styler inviting him to meet up when he is over in the US, which can be seen here:

Dear Glyn

I came across your Live at the Mermaid Lounge EP a little over 20 years ago. I had never – and have still never – heard anything like it.

There couldn’t have been more than a few dozen in the audience that night but you could tell by the intensity and duration of their cheers that they knew they had just witnessed something truly monumental, something they’d never forget. A little piece of history.

The only thing I ever heard that came close to the brooding intensity of that record was Johnny Cash Live at Folsom. To connect the listener with an audience from such a distant time and place, to be moved as they were by every heart-wrenching word, every stabbing guitar chord, is something truly rare and transcendent.

A few years later I visited New Orleans and went looking for you. I asked at the Mermaid Lounge and someone said you worked as a salesman at a local mattress store but when I got there it was your day off.

Anyway, 20 years later and I felt compelled to do a cover version of You Killed My Love as a tribute. I hope you don’t hate it. If you’re still in town, I’ll be back in New Orleans end of May and would love to buy you a drink.

In any case, thank you.


Justin (August Spies)

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