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London-based producer Kowton releases his debut longplayer on the 15th (April) and if your into a bit of stripped down techno with an abstract edge, read on….Joe Cowton is the man behind Kowton and he’s no newcomer, having built a healthy back catalogue you can expect a well honed sound for his first LP. Kowton’s work has been formed from a blend of influences from the techno world of Basic channel and Mika Vainio to the early golden era of grime and dubstep. Having set up the Livity Sound with fellow artists Pev and Asusu they are striving to achieve the labels ideals which is to create no-nonsense dance music with an emphasis on pared down rhythms and classic sound system approaches.

“what feels most prescient to me right now is writing concise music with purpose and direction – visceral music that’s uncluttered both sonically and theoretically” – Kowton

The album begins with ‘comments off’ a heavy kick punches in and we’re on our way, repetitive percussion builds up as elements rise from the darkness all coming to an abrupt end to line up  ‘Scido’ perfectly, a less abrasive slitherer of a track that seems to wind its way through dark textures, a smooth roller and a definite contender for the dance floor. Track three sees us go into ‘Balance’ which has some great bleeped out moments that rise up to drop further into deep percussive layers, a cool dark ride. To go on would spoil the journey, but to summarise, the album is full of beautiful repetition, deep textures, super detailed tweaked sounds, rhythms that will have you spinning and a couple of bass kicks that will clear the dust from your speakers . Kowton hasn’t reinvented the wheel, this is Techno, well produced, meticulous, stripped down, pure Techno.

Track List:

  1. Comments Off
  2.  Scido
  3. Balance
  4. Sleep Chamber
  5. Some Cats
  6. Loops 1
  7. A Bluish Shadow
  8. Bubbling Under
  9. Shots Fired

And if that’s got your thirst up, you can have a listen to the complete Album, as it’s up to STREAM NOW before its release on Livity Sound this 15th of April,

Available on limited double (yellow) vinyl as well as the usual.



ALSO, If you’re in the London Area:

‘Utility’ launch party: 15th April @ Phonox, London with Kowton, Peverelist & Anthony Naples


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