EP: Night Thieves – Spiral

The Breakdown

A short sharp hit of mega riffs and powerful vocals delivered with faultless playing and some magical musical touches.

With covid having forced the band into the studio with producers Paul Visser (Black Orchid Empire, Hawxx) and Kev Yates (Forever Never) to create the follow up to their debut EP Battle Cry. The result is their epic three track EP Spiral.

The band remark about the EP:

“Work on Spiral began the moment lockdown happened; we did this remotely with producer Paul Visser. We focused on developing the riffs, vocal melodies, and getting the tracks to really flow. When we finally got into the studio, we were really pushed by our engineer Kev Yates, and everything clicked very quickly and to great effect”. 

The whole EP is packed to the brim with banging riffs and opener ‘Atoned’ kicks off with a cracker. The whole track hangs on the stomping distorted riff courtesy of guitarist Paul Andrew. His finger light touches during the verses adds a nice melodic touch, before taking the track off with the return of the monster riff after each chorus.

Track two ‘Off The Wire’ starts with a laid back spacey vibe the track is led with a bass heavy riff before the chorus once again explodes. The heavier riffing continues with ‘Figure It Out’ which sees Jess Moyle letting her vocals fly and hint to a heavier vocal attack in future songs.

The band use the classic formula of quiet verses followed by a loud chorus to good effect here. There’s no missing Moyle’s unique vocals wether she’s keeping it quiet on the verses in ‘Atoned’ or giving it her all on ‘Figure It Out’ The epic choruses explode out of the speakers and the bands knack for writing a catchy riff, especially on first track ‘Atoned’, is something the sets them out as a bit special.

Check out the track Atoned, below

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