EP Review: Night Thieves – Polarity

The Breakdown

The band return with some more hard hitting riffs cementing them as one of the best heavy rock bands around

After wowing with their debut EP ‘Battle Cry’ and building on the acclaim with their second EP ‘Spiral‘ London rockers Night Thieves have delivered their third and possibly finest EP ‘Polarity’. Another collection of energetic melodic brilliance.

‘Collide’ is the electric paranoid filled opener that introduces the listener to Jess Moyle’s ice cold vocals and Paul Andrew’s solid riffery all delivered over the throbbing bass of Rick Hunter-Burns. With a thunderous backdrop, this is the track that will have you hooked while the next three will have you in awe.

The drums, courtesy of Tom Connolly from Dream State, give the EP’s second track ‘The Way The Story Goes’ its frantic flowing rhythm while Moyle delivers a more laid back melodic effort with her vocals. The guitars stretch a bit more adding a more melodic touch instead of the battering ram style of ‘Collide’

The recent single ‘Through The Looking Glass’ gives the EP some breathing space after the bombastic opening riff. An electronic sound creeping in, due to Andrews magical guitar skills, that let Moyle’s bright vocals to dazzle and shine. Again the drums rip the track along with some ragged riffing on the chorus from Andrew that lifts the track up. This track deserves a big stage so the band can let those grooves fly.

The band finish the EP on the brutal ‘Walkaway’ where they use the quiet verse loud chorus formula to great effect. A gigantic riff follows a verse full of tension echoed by the war call from the drums before its full-on sonic warfare on the chorus.

The tracks hit hard and the magic in these songs is well suited to the live arena. There’s no showing off from anyone, the band simply work together crafting tracks that are intense sound huge and will blow a hole in the wall when played at the appropriate volume of very effing loud.

These guys never fail to deliver and Polarity adds to their already impressive catalogue of heavy riff filled melodic tracks that are set to blow up many a sweaty stage. Bands like this keep hard rock alive.

Check out the bands track Collide, below:

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