Track: Spring Skier know ‘How To Work A Room’ with their usual panache and style – another window opened in the glorious Advent Calendar from False Peak Records.

Summer solstice passed us by just the other day and now the days get shorter as winter comes to the antipodean headquarters of Backseat Mafia. Although, it has to be said, in the southern outpost of Hobart, winter never actually left. With all the changes and the mutability of the seasons as an analogy for this vale of tears, sorrow and misery we call life, there is one constant source of joy beaming from the burg of Brisbane in the sunny north, in the form of False Peak Records with its Christmas Advent Calendar. This is an annual orgy of delight as we are showered with a deluge of sonic gold and miscellaneous other pleasures (including the delicious False Peak Honey from base camp) in the lead up to Christmas. A source of certainty in life far more pleasurable than death and taxes.

Today’s tasty morsel is a delicate single from the enigmatic Spring Skier: ‘How To Work A Room’. Feather light, melodic and emitting a radiant beam of sunshine that recalls Steely Dan or Sufjan Stevens with a similar west coast vibe, the track floats on gently tinkling piano and glorious harmonies that would do the Beach Boys proud. Deeply imbued in the track is a sense of poignancy and melancholy, and yet the spritely instrumentation provides a buoyant counterpoint.

The accompanying video is a quiet performance piece in black and white; as enigmatic and mesmerising as the music:

A jolly holiday present indeed as we pack up our bags and head for the temporary and welcome lull in the world of music releases and promotions.

Spring Skier are duo Remy Boccalatte and Kane Mazlin and you can visit them here. The track was produced by the multi-talented David Rylands (whose single ‘Get Heat’ was recently covered by us), and released on the False Peak Records label (headed by Boccalatte – see our recent interview with this prodigious talent here). available now though the link below as part of a release advent calendar.

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