News: Love Ghost Returns With Fiery New Single ‘Time Travel’

Love Ghost shares the new single, ‘TIME TRAVEL’ – A melancholic punch with its dark beat, high-energy strings, and heavy drum rhythms, providing the perfect backdrop for the band’s pained lyrical performance.

Frontman Finnegan Bell pours his heart out in this track, weaving an intimate and heart-wrenching story with solemn yet aggressive vocals. Collaborating with rising star Yung Dupe, whose rap prowess adds an enigmatic energy, Love Ghost takes listeners on a journey through the depths of human emotion.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single, Bell shares, “’Time Travel’ is a song about a troubled girl that I was interested in and a desire to travel back in time to absolve her from trauma/her own demons. However, in this voyage, I opened up a door to an alternate universe and welcomed her demons into my own life. It’s very fantasy-driven and creative, and honestly, I was loosely inspired by the movie Donnie Darko.”

Love Ghost’s meteoric rise in the music scene is undeniable, with four features in Rolling Stone. Their recent European tour showcased their electrifying performances, including appearances at the Rockpalast festival in Germany and shows in Mexico City at Auditorio BB, Indie Foro Rocks, and Amazon’s Gamergy Festival, broadcast to all of Latin America.

In addition to their past collaborations with the likes of Rico Nasty, Adan Cruz, Teeam Revolver, Geassassin, Mabiland, and Tankurt Manas, Finn is currently in Mexico writing and recording with numerous Latin artists and acclaimed producers. The band’s 2024 releases are highly anticipated, including a single with Ghana Afrobeat artist Camidoh and an entire album with Marilyn Manson’s guitarist and producer Tim Skold, commissioned by Metropolis Records.

With their fearless approach to music and a slew of exciting projects on the horizon, Love Ghost is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases as they continue to captivate audiences worldwide with their unique blend of passion and authenticity.

Listen below:

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