Track: Tiyto Blend Indie-Pop & Ambient Electronics On ‘Reside’

Buckinghamshire trio Tiyto release the vibrant new single ‘Reside’. Recorded by Sam Winfield at Studio 91, the group crafts a glowing blend of infectious and buoyant indie-pop blended with otherworldly, melancholic atmosphere.

‘Reside’ features hazy synth pads that fill the soundscape with twinkling frequencies. Rich electric guitar licks add a funk tinted, The 1975-esque indie edge, while driving drum rhythms provide the core drive of the track. The vocals deliver infectious melodies which pull the track towards a commercial space, punctuated by kaleidoscopic moments of passion and subtle harmonies.

Vocalist and keyboardist Stuart shares, “Reside is our sixth release and there’s a general consensus in the band that it might be our favourite yet. I love to spend time sat at the piano, playing around with chords when I get the chance. Every so often something sticks, and it gives a base to start the song. On this occasion, the chords and piano line used in the intro and chorus came about.

I came back to the idea a few months later and recorded the idea as a demo (after I eventually worked out how to play the line again). This time I really wanted us to create a song which was more up-tempo, with the live performance in mind. We tend to rotate between writing a slower, darker track, and then a more upbeat, faster track. I had recently been inspired by a few hip-hop beats where the bass line and kick were in unison and wanted to replicate that punch in the beat.”

Regarding the lyrics, Stuart explains, “The lyrics are something I always work on last, and I first record all demos with just whatever random words and flows seem to work best. The ‘let’s talk about’ and the elongated ‘why’ lyrics were part of these initial demo versions. When trying to think of something to replace them, nothing really seemed to fit as well. Repetition is never a bad thing in the chorus anyway, I guess? With the lyrics in the verses, I wanted to use plenty of metaphors about a person chasing and fighting so hard for something that was inevitably over.”

Listen below:

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