News: Gayathri Krishnan Shines On New Single ‘Low Low’

Gayathri Krishnan’s narrative as an artist continues to incite curiosity and admiration. Her creative journey has been highlighted through her engaging interview with fellow South Asian artist Pritt on the BBC Asian Network.

The Los Angeles-hailing artist has now announced her latest single, ‘Low Low’. Performed with a sultry flair, Gayathri leans back into a sweltering musical atmosphere. Gently rhythmic acoustic guitar plucks fall in between bouncy percussive arrangements, while the artist flows through flirtatious lyricism with honey-soaked delivery. Flowering into a rich and hazy soundscape, listeners are tenderly guided through warm melodies, with the introduction of Nazsheem’s verse perfectly balancing the spellbinding vocal harmony Gayathri presents.

In explaining the release, Gayathri shares, “‘Low Low’ hit the ground running in 2022 when Jisoo, a friend and collaborator of mine, sent me the song’s distinct flirty beat. She was convinced ‘Gayu’ could truly set it on fire—and that I did. The song itself, like a one-night stand, was recorded entirely in the comfort of my at-home closet studio, emulating a true sneaky-link energy throughout each verse. Partnering with rapper-singer Nazsheem, whom I first connected with in high school, the track is elevated to heights of allure and charisma, also speaking to the natural synergy between all the song’s collaborators.

So in this Summer ‘24 of cocktails (mocktails), situationships, and keeping it on the low, let ‘Low Low’ be the anthem for all the girls who deserve just that little bit more. Trust that I will deliver. Nazsheem’s cheeky banter coupled with JSONGS’ sensual production is there to cure every delulu craving that comes to you on a night of adventures. Your soundtrack of the summer has now arrived.”

As a versatile singer, songwriter, and producer, Gayathri Krishnan blends her traditional roots with a contemporary flair. Drawing from her upbringing in Carnatic music—the classical South Indian music system—and her exploration of modern R&B influences, Gayathri’s sound defines what it means to be innovative and true to oneself.

On-stage, Gayathri leaves an indelible impression rich in soul, melodic vocals, spirited energy, and fusion elements of Bharatanatyam—a classical style of Indian dance—with performances at the Sol & Sound Sound Healing Festival in Los Angeles, California alongside Iniko (October 2022), Londrelle’s sold-out show “Live & Unplugged” (August 2023), and most recently as an opener for Khanvict & Raaginder’s Arrival Tour at the Lodge Room in Los Angeles.

Listen to the new single below:

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