Fantastic Fest Review: Country Gold

The country music scene is, in a way, a microcosm of the wider industry, but is so distinct it’s basically a separate entity. While it originated in the 1920s from the music of working-class America, today it’s a huge multi-billion-dollar money-making machine. Now in its sixth generation, while the landscape has changed in many ways over the decades, the basics still remain the same. Country Gold takes a deep dive into the mythos.

Troyal Brux (Mickey Reece) is a young country music star who seems to have the world at his feet. He has a beautiful wife (Ginger Gilmartin) and two boys, another on the way. As a musician he’s commercially successful with a very busy touring schedule. However, when a Nashville legend, George Jones (Ben Hall), asks him to come to the home of country music for the night, he drops everything to spend time with one of his heroes.

Country Gold is a bit of a departure for Mickey Reece, but he’s always been a filmmaker willing to take chances and stretch himself. It’s the age-old story of a musician who isn’t comfortable in his own skin. Who seeks acceptance from his peers, only to find someone whose life is full of regret. It’s a fascinating story, underpinned by great writing and acting. One which only grows and expands after the credits roll. Country Gold never gets lost in the music.

Country Gold screens at Fantastic Fest.

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