Fantastic Fest Review: Unidentified Objects

There’s something inherently American about a road movie. It probably has something to do with the distance between cities and a national obsession with the automobile. The same can be said for the ‘buddy movie’. Throwing two disparate souls together within the parameters of a joint quest. Trapped within a hulk of metal with only each other for company. It’s an interesting way to approach the human condition. Unidentified Objects plays on these ideas.

Winona (Sarah Hay) desperately needs to get to Canada. The sex worker has a date with destiny and needs someone to drive her across the country. Enter her neighbour Peter (Matthew Jeffers), a ‘little person’ with a lot of problems. He has no intention of taking her and doesn’t even have a car, but the promise of money is too much of a pull. These lost souls are thrust together and discover something they’re both missing in each other.

Unidentified Objects is an offbeat sci-fi drama which works thanks to the slow thaw between the protagonists. Juan Felipe Zuleta’s film is deeply empathetic. Challenging stereotypes and focusing on what makes us both alike and unique. While the objective of their expedition might be unusual, it’s what they both learn along the way which is important. Unidentified Objects is a refreshing take along a road well-travelled.

Unidentified Objects screens at Fantastic Fest.

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