Blu-Ray Review: Cover Girl

Whilst La La Land may have swept the awards circuit and captivated a generation of people unaccustomed to musicals, at one time they were mainstream Hollywood. Today, there’s the odd one which gains any acclaim, often down to Baz Luhrmann, but these are few and far between. In her day, Rita Hayworth was one of the top studio talents. The ‘love goddess’ produced some of her best performances in musicals, and Cover Girl is one of her best.

Rusty Parker (Hayworth) is a chorus girl working in her boyfriend Danny’s (Gene Kelly) nightclub. When the opportunity to be the cover girl on the 50th anniversary edition of a prodigious magazine, she jumps at the opportunity. Spotted by the rich editor (Otto Kruger), who dated her grandmother, Rusty is given the chance to achieve fame and fortune. However, she’s torn between staying with the man she loves and the career she’s desperate to have.

Fred Astaire counted Hayworth as his favourite dance partner and Cover Girl succeeded in making both her and Kelly stars. For the first time, Kelly was given free-rein to choreograph his dance routines. This produces some memorable routines and magic moments. There’s also an impressive comedy vaudeville turn from Phil Silvers. Cover Girl is a glamorous showcase for its stars; acting more as a calling card than a classic musical.

Special Features:

  • Gorgeous High-definition presentation from a new 4K restoration
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Baz Luhrmann on Cover Girl
  • Masters of Cinema exclusive trailer
  • 28-Page booklet featuring a new essay on the film by Farran Smith Nehme

Cover Girl is released on Dual format by Eureka Entertainment as part of the Masters of Cinema Collection on 13 February.

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