Track: Sam Cartwright Johnson – Submerged

Sam Cartwright Johnson

Drowning  hasn’t been such a strong look since Radiohead in the ‘No Surprises’ video. That’s how Sam Cartwright Johnson has chosen to represent himself on the cover of his new EP ‘Submerged’ (you see what he’s done there?) The singer-songwriter has returned from a stint in Australia back to his UK base in Bristol. Well down-under’s loss is our gain, and that couldn’t be more evident than on the release of this new five track EP. Cartwright shows off his unexpectedly deep, soulful vocals. It opens with the the epic sounding ‘About A Friend’, which builds from a delicate folly track into a dramatic conclusion. ‘Submerged’ is essentially a guitar-lead acoustic EP, coming straight from the open MIC nights, and sounding great on record (or digital download – but that doesn’t quite have the same ring). Like all the best singer-songwriters, he draws influence from his life experiences, to make music so personal that you can hear the emotion in his vocals. It all ends with a mellow instrumental piano track ‘A Spirit’ which shows off yet another string to his bow.

It’s easy to see why Sam Cartwright Johnson has drawn such attention by listening to this collection of songs, including from BBC introducing. He is a talented song-writer, singer and musician, and you might have noticed pretty easy on the eye too.

‘Submerged’ is out now.

For more information, go to Sam’s Official site, or follow his social media;




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