Premiere: MIDNIGHTCHOIR are fired up on explosive new single ‘Molotov’

Patrick Bobilin has been through some shit since we last heard from his project MIDNIGHTCHOIR. He ran for office in New York, was arrested not once but several times in the volatile summer of 2020 as George Floyd’s murder sparked nationwide protests in the name of racial justice, and formed a mutual aid network. He’s put his experiences into an album which cuts to the heart of American political discourse. Joined by Sarah Simon for a round of forthcoming live appearances, he’s announcing the first MIDNIGHTCHOIR full-length in 7 years today.

Following 2016’s THE CROWN, Loverboy Molotov is a 10-track exploration of unrest and debauchery. The new single explores the value of more direct action in the face of indifference. It’s a suitably brooding song with some real power behind it. Per Bobilin: After seeing how the sausage is made running for office in New York City and being arrested during the 2020 racial justice protests, there’s no hope in my mind that we can change the system from within. ‘Molotov’ was written with the spirit of protest and frustration with the decades of empty promises made by leaders. I learned first-hand that the only thing that motivates elected officials, from judges to city council members to federal elected officials, is fear. Whether it’s fear of their stock prices going down, their campaign accounts drying up, or losing the next election, it’s the one thing that unites them all. With an eye on the lost art of ‘dangerous music,’ I decided to write ‘Molotov’ from the perspective of the 99%. Maybe they need to fear us a little more than they do.”

We’ve got a look at the video for ‘Molotov’ below, the quasi-title track from Bobilin’s new record which is out on Friday July 14th.

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