News: Chandra’s Uplifting Single ‘Smile (No Fox Gibbon)’ Now Available

Bristol-based pop-rock artist Chandra has released his latest single, ‘Smile (No Fox Gibbon)’, inviting listeners to cast aside their worries and embrace the joy of smiling and laughing without fear of judgment.

Following the success of ‘Pretty’ in August and ‘Lighters To The Sky’ in April, the single continues Chandra’s tradition of tight guitar lines, catchy melodies and a vibrant, uplifting energy. Carrying a chorus that sticks with you well after the first listen, the track also carries a message of encouragement, calling for everyone to let go of self-consciousness and relish those moments of unbridled joy in everyday life.

On the new release, Chandra shares:

“We all have moments in our day when we unashamedly beam or uncontrollably snigger at something we’ve seen, remembered or heard. If we’re in public then that joyous moment is quickly curbed as the self-conscious part of our brain realises we’re on a bus, in the office, in a queue for a coffee or walking down a street. I am the worst for it and it’s gone on for so long that I now find the self-tempering of joy is an autonomic reaction. I wrote this song because it’s something I actively want and need to improve on. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all gave a little bit less of a damn who is watching and really enjoyed those amazing moments in our day? Let’s all let go and smile like there are absolutely no f**ks given.”

Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Bowie, Queen, The Carpenters, The Beatles, and Britpop icons, as well as contemporary artists like Britney Spears, Pink, and One Republic, Chandra has learned from the best, shaping his ability to craft euphoric, infectious melodies.

A joyous pop-rock track with a warming sense of joy, Smile (No Fox Gibbon) is a fun track with heartfelt lyricism and a vibrant indie rock soundscape to boot.

Listen to ‘Smile (No Fox Gibbon)’ below:

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