Live Review: Blossoms / Chappaqua Wrestling – Brighton Dome, Brighton 02.12.2022

Michael Hundertmark

Blossoms finally arrive on the south coast for a sold out show at Brighton Dome to promote their fourth studio album ‘Ribbon around the Bomb’

Blossoms are a band from Stockport formed in 2013 and greatly influenced by ABBA’s synth pop sounds. They made national headlines in 2021 when they were announced as headliners for a one day trial festival at Sefton Park, the first festival that took place after the pandemic.

From the moment the Support act ‘Chappaqua Wrestling’, a last minute replacement for ‘Brooke Coombe’ who had accompanied Blossoms on this latest tour. The Crowd were certainly up for it, with the foot tapping entertaining. Indie guitar riffs and dreamy shoegaze synths! The Manchester band have been carving a name for themselves with a string of singles and is made up of songwriters Jake Mac and Charlie Woods and originally from Brighton with Jude Lilly on Bass, John Paul Townsend on Drums and Alice on the keyboard. Chappaqua Wrestling’s energy on stage made their set fly by as they grabbed the audience’s attention and were certainly suited for the larger stage.

With everyone warmed up nicely for the evening ‘Blossoms’ stole on Stage with their 70’s style dress sense and Tom Ogden in his white flare pants Cuban heels and silk shirt, they could have come straight from a Vogue fashion shot!

Opening with the synth laden track ‘At a Most A Kiss’ a fan favourite from the 2016 self-titled debut album which sets the tone for the evening running through an electrifying catchy discovery!

‘Ode to NYC; was a song commissioned for a Netflix series lead singer Tom Ogden reveals but never used but features on the new album.

As for the rest of the show, the audience sings along loudly to the hit singles ‘Your Girlfriend’ and ‘Charlemagne’ and Ogden shows off his vocals as a great frontman to the band which is well suited to Brighton Dome’s larger stage.

For some reason, the band slipped into the chorus for ‘Three Lions’, it’s coming home, which prompted a singalong from the fans. Judging by the reaction and excitement by the crowd from the set tonight, Blossoms are keeping in with the hype and they are destined for bigger things to come in the future!

Blossoms setlist:

At Most A Kiss 

Honey Sweet

Oh No (I Think I’m In Love)  

The Keeper  

Ode To NYC 

The Sulking Poet  

Blown Rose  

How Long Will This Last? 

Getaway (Roosevelt Remix)

I Can’t Stand It  

If You Think This Is Real Life  

Care For 

Intro / Your Girlfriend Big Word

My Swimming Brain (Reprise) 

My Favourite Room (Acoustic, with ‘Half The World Away’/’Last Christmas’ outro)


There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls) 


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